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~Paula White

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Support gender action in HORIZON 2020

Throughout the 2012 policy makers will negotiate the EC proposed framework for HORIZON 2020, leading to its approval by the EU Council and Parliament. The proposed framework makes explicit reference to the importance of the gender dimension.  It states that Horizon 2020 "....should aim at promoting equality between men and women in research and innovation, by addressing in particular the underlying causes of gender imbalance, by exploiting the full potential of both female and male researchers, and by integrating the gender dimension into the content of projects in order to improve the quality of research and stimulate innovation”. A specific gender equality article has been included as part of the proposed structure, Article 15, which states that:  “Horizon 2020 shall ensure the effective promotion of gender equality and the gender dimension in research and innovation content”.  
At the end of last year, genSET presented the Manifesto for Integrated Action on the Gender Dimension in Science and Innovation to the Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science, Maire Geoghegan-Quinn. This Manifesto is the result of the public consultation run in conjunction with the Gender Summit.  We invite you to sign it by going to as an expression of your support and to ensure that the gender dimension remains firmly integrated within HORIZON 2020 framework and programme.


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