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"Champions have the courage to keep turning the pages because they know a better chapter lies ahead."

~Paula White

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Women's Life Choices

Knowing what to do with your life is not easy. But once you make a choice. You need to know what your choice means. Don't let societal roles or the media make them for you. Your choice can change, it can even mature with you. Some feminist choices might not resonate with you right now and then one day they totally make sense. Some traditional choices for women might not either now and then one day you find yourself feeling and saying things you would have never said.

After I had my daughter , I completely understood women wanting to stay at home with their children. I floored one of my friends when I said that I envied women who could be stay at home moms and were so happy doing it.  But it is true, to be present for your children physically and emotionally is very important, yes I envy that. Could I do it, nope. That is not my personality and I have to be true to myself.

I think in the beginning feminism gave women a choice not pigeon holed them into a different gender role the one where a woman can't wear make up or love being at home. Feminism gave us the power to make our choices. Let's make it a conscious one and allow others to make their own.  Let's not judge each other for giving up the career ladder and choosing to stay at home with your kids.  There are so many creative and talented women who are staying at home and enjoying their children.  There are so many successful women who are climbing up the career ladder and are wonderful mothers. Then there are the women who choose a career and choose not to have children.  All the choices are fine.  Let's make the best choice for us.

When we are judging women for their choices we are no different than the people who thought women's only choice was to stay at home.  Let's support each other's choices.  Less judging and more supporting would help women go a long way.


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